Pupil Perceptions

This presentation examines the differential between how Support Group and Comparator pupils rated themselves on a 3-point Semantic Differential Scale [eg. ‘I behave well in school’ – ‘I don’t behave well in school’], carried out with all Support Group and Comparator pupils prior to intervention on a range of measures related to:

  1. intrapersonal intelligence [understanding of self]
  2. interpersonal intelligence [understanding of others]
  3. self-regulation
  4. interpersonal relationships
  5. empathy
  6. self-esteem
  7. dispositions towards learning and learning-related behaviours.
The chart illustrates the top eight indicators which distinguished Support Group pupils most from Comparator pupils, all of which were of high statistical significance [ie. there is a ≤ 1:1000 ratio of occurring by chance]. Chi-squared values (on the y-axis) are a measure of statistical significance therefore the higher the bar, the greater the statistical significance.
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