The Book

This book manages brilliantly to combine the theoretical with the practical. [Bob Gibson, former Headteacher]

Everything you need to start and run pupil support groups; from powerpoint presentations to photocopiable resources with precise and clear instructions.The difference in the pupils’ behaviour was remarkable. [Brian Hanlon, Behaviour Support Teacher]

The purpose of the book is to enable any person working with young people to be able to establish and run a Support Group successfully. It comes with all of the necessary materials, guidance for Support Group Leaders and has powerpoint presentations which can be used to explain the approach to Support Group Leaders, school staff and parents. The book draws from the insights gained from the research study to enable teachers and other professionals to create the conditions which are most likely to lead to a successful outcome for pupils.

The approach is suitable for pupils in upper Primary and the first four years of Secondary schooling. It could also be used in other youth settings. The approach accords with current educational imperatives such as ‘Every Child Matters’, the ‘Primary National Strategy’, the ‘Key Stage 3 strategy on Behaviour and Attendance’ and the ‘Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning’ Programme in England and the Health and Wellbeing Strands of ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ in Scotland.

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