Evaluation of INSET Day 1


Content very relevant to the the kind of pupils I work with and I believe it will be very helpful to the pupils in our setting. [Aberdeenshire]

Very enjoyable and very interesting. As PT in a Primary school with responsibility for transition to secondary (and the senior pupils) I am extremely pleased to be involved in a project which will help me to support pupils and families further. [Falkirk]

Excellent – Dr Mowat clearly knows her stuff and put me at ease. The activities for pupils seem straightforward and enjoyable. [Aberdeenshire]

I had a few “light-bulb” moments when I understood how the various approaches to promoting positive behaviour fit together and overlap in terms of learning/thinking skills and behaviour. [Aberdeenshire]

Excellent mix of raitonale, theory, activity and discussion. Joan, you really know your stuff! [Aberdeenshire]

Degree to which understanding developed


Degree to which staff needs were met