Support for Staff

Cluster Leaders  played a very important role in providing support for Support Group Leaders, organising regular meetings, problem solving and offering support when there were difficulties, organising materials, collating data for the Cluster and liaising with the Research Team.

Participating staff were also supported via the website, regular Newsletters and e-mail communications. All queries were dealt with promptly and a high level of support provided. The leadership of the project was rated as 2nd of 52 indicators by Support Group Leaders [the quality of INSET being rated as the 1st and 3rd indicators].

Absolutely excellent. Joan’s organisation and delivery is second to none. Her presentation was clear, concise and delivered with confidence and a great sense of humour. [Aberdeenshire]

Staff within the project receive four days of In-Service training to ensure that they understand the philosophy of the approach, become familiar with the approach and develop the skills and confidence to be able to deliver it. All Support Group Leaders also receive a copy of the book. Many of the participating staff are already experienced in undertaking this type of work, but each approach is unique.

INSET Programme 


  • An introduction to the approach and to some of the materials
  • The role of the Support Group Leader in creating the ethos of the group
  • What are the variables which make it more of less likely that pupils will succeed [drawing from the findings of the initial study]


  • Why the approach is necessary – exploring the policy context
  • Introducing the Study
  • Working with the materials – exploring target-setting and the pupil diary
  • Establishing a group and getting started
  • Involving parents


  • The role of the Support Group Leader in teaching for understanding and for transfer
  • A focus upon thinking skills and metacognition
  • Exploring and working with the materials
  • Reviewing progress


  • Exploring theories of intelligence and pupil motivation and the relationship between them
  • Exploring and working with the materials
  • A focus upon evaluation
  • Reviewing progress

Please see also Evaluation of INSET